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Does Your Business Have a Reliable Way to Handle Background Checks?

Background checks are used for a variety of reasons. For many companies, it is the final step before hiring a candidate. It has been proven to be a dependable way to verify statements made by interviewees during the interviewing process. The U.S. government has detailed information on the types and importance of background checks.

It is important for businesses to know they are hiring safe workers with a good reputation, legal workers and honest workers whose statements match what is found in the background check. Hiring an illegal worker can cause companies to be fined by the U.S. government and hiring someone with a history of work issues could lead to a disruption of the pleasant work environment you worked hard to create.

Different Types of Background Checks are Needed for Different Job Types

At Slaton Financial Services, we partner with National Crime Search (NCS) to provide background checks. This is another way we seek to supplement what your human resources professionals have the time and resources to do. NCS has an A-plus rating and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

The type of check can vary from local checks for hourly workers, driver drug tests, professional licensing checks or deep background checks. Nonprofits like charities and schools typically do volunteer background checks while landlords or property managers opt for tenant screenings.

As an employer, you need a system for checking your employees and possible hires. We provide affordable access to both background checks and drug tests.

Varied types of background checks include:

  • Education & Employment Verifications – This check is used by companies to confirm the education, training, or certification of candidates and to highlight any inconsistencies.
  • County Criminal History Searches – These searches should date back at least seven years and are conducted in the county where the potential employee lives.
  • Healthcare Industry Licensing Verification – Many health care organizations try to verify a health care professional’s credentials during the initial screening process. Hiring an unlicensed health worker can lead to fines and much worse, poor patient care.
  • International Screening – These checks may be used to screen possible employees who live outside of the country or who worked, lived or attended schools in another country.
  • Motor Vehicle Reports – This is usually a part of a typical background check and it details whether a candidate has driven under the influence, incurred tickets or traffic violations.
  • Sex Offender Searches – The National Sex Offender Public Website allows a search of the entire country’s sex offender registries. This includes the name, address, criminal history and physical appearance of the offender.
  • Social Media Searches – Statistically over half of employers in the U.S. search a candidate’s social media looking for a professional online appearance and even read what other people say about the candidate.
  • Social Security Number Validation – This check enables employers to check the candidates name and social security number with the official Social Security records.

employees background checkBackground checks can expose a lot about a possible candidate helping an employer prevent possible problems that may come from hiring less than truthful applicants. Depending on the type of business you own, you will want to make a plan for what combination of background checks are needed for your company.

You can use checks to determine educational inconsistencies, bad credit practices, poor driving records, false information on employment and criminal history. With our system, there is no fee until you use it. You can control costs by only paying for services you use and yet have the confidence of a professional system that works efficiently and thoroughly on your behalf.

Click here to learn more about a system of background checks that meet the needs of your company. We are sure better background checks will give you confidence as you hire new employees.


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