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Comprehensive Tax Prep for Dallas Businesses and Professionals

Businesses save money and time when they have the right partner for tax services Dallas TX. At Slaton Financial, we are poised to be an ally for your business and your bottom line. Tax compliance and consulting are sewn into the fabric of our tax preparation services.

Our Dallas tax help is made to scale. We can prepare your quarterly taxes, get your business ready during tax season, or help you all year long.

Our team also helps the busy business owner with their personal taxes. We regularly assist professionals, such as doctors and lawyers, with their federal tax return needs.  We can assist you with understanding your filing status, standard deduction, stimulus payments or any other aspect of filing a tax return.

Affordable Tax Preparation

The Slaton team handles tax prep and long-range planning.  Treating each client as individual and unique, our staff thinks beyond the numbers on a tax form.  We provide support for your goals through consulting, compliance,  tax preparation, and tax filing.

Determined to be well-prepared, our knowledgeable team is constantly learning more about the ever-changing tax laws and how they impact our clients.  We will file your taxes using the most accurate data and the most up-to-date tax exemptions and tax credits that will benefit you.

Our state and federal tax help comes with the advice you need to understand your obligations and prevent typical tax problems.  When we work for you, you have someone you can talk to about issues of tax liability as they arise. Our assistance may reduce the burden of tax compliance on April 15 and beyond.

Government And Tax Compliance

Our record-keeping will ensure the accurate and timely completion of your compliance forms for local, state and federal purposes.  Our goal is to reduce the burden of meeting these important requirements.

As needed, we can handle day-to-day compliance issues as part of our bookkeeping and payroll services.  With our help, you can meet your responsibilities to the city, state, and federal government.  You can trust your state returns and federal tax returns to our qualified staff.

We provide printed reports and offer ongoing assistance to help you understand what your data means. Using expert tax preparation software, we can help determine the taxes you own, help you keep up with every tax deadline, and avoid delays that can be costly.

Put Your Taxes in the Right Hands

Our Dallas tax professionals have helped enterprises of all sizes. You can trust Slaton Financial Services with your tax preparation, compliance, and planning needs. Bring your questions about taxes you owe to our knowledgeable team. Call us for a consultation.

FYI: How to Find Official Information About Tax Issues

Slaton tax services help many businesses and high-powered professionals with their federal tax responsibilities. Here we have assembled a list of resources that may benefit you or your business.  

Business Structure Tax Information

Your tax rate varies based on your business structure: learn more with these IRS guides to Partnership, S Corporations, and LLC companies. This corporation tax information list can give you general information and guides to different elements of the tax code for corporations.  Rest assured, the Slaton team handles complicated tax matters on a regular basis. 

Small Business and Self Employed Tax Services

If you run a small business or if you are self-employed, this IRS resource guide can explain how you may be taxed.  Sole Proprietorship information may be what you need if you have established a business or if you alone own an LLC.

Employee Withholding Tax Issues

 IRS Publication 15 is a thorough guide to wages and other compensation. It can explain many of your responsibilities.  Many business professionals find this subject confusing. 

Our payroll and general tax services can help. The Slaton team knows how to cut through red tape and determine what is important to our client and their business. Your tax bill is a burden, but it may be reduced with knowledgeable assistance. 

Unemployment Requirements

This Texas Workforce Commission resource guide explains an employer’s financial responsibilities when it comes to unemployment taxes.  The Slaton team can help with this and other tax-related issues.

Texas Franchise Tax Overview

This Texas Comptroller resource page lists the types of entities that must pay the Texas franchise tax, and it spells out which entities are not subject to it. This is another reason to hire Slaton to handle your tax returns.

City and County Considerations

Our bookkeeping team must keep up with sales taxes as they assist our many clients.  If you are unsure of your area's exact tax rate, try the Sales Tax Rate Locator from the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

How to Apply for or Update Your Employer ID Number

If you pay employees, you must have a federal EIN or employer ID number.  The Small Business Administration explains how to get one.  If you have changed tax status, management, ownership, or address, you may need to update your EIN.


Please remember that tax situations are complex and may be interpreted differently by an IRS tax professional than by a business owner. Furthermore, rules are subject to change without notice and with very little fanfare.

Businesses always want to avoid penalties and interest by finding the correct amount of tax owed.  They also want to get the best tax advice possible.

For so many reasons, it is important to get expert help when dealing with tax filing. We invite you to call Slaton for the tax help your business needs.