Get Help for Scheduling Employees

Employee Scheduling Help

Whether you run a small business or a large one, scheduling employees can be tricky. You need to have every position covered, and your employees must know their schedule in advance. To get it done quickly, Slaton Financial Services has the employee scheduling help that every Dallas area business needs.

Get Help for Scheduling Employees in Dallas TX

Business managers can relax when they put Time Simplicity in charge of scheduling employees. When you know that workers will be on the job when you need them, you can focus on the bigger picture. Here's how it works:



TimeSimplicity does more than just schedule employees:

  • Eliminates over staffing & reduces overtime with system alerts.
  • Quickly identifies gaps in coverage before it's too late and sends email and SMS alert notifications.
  • System automation identifies "best fit" onployees to cover open shifts and so much more!

TimeSimplicity's ease-of-use means end users love it:

  • Employers can easily create schedules with drag & drop simplicity.
  • View schedules by group, week, and color code as needed for easy identification.
  • Employers can also fill last minute shift vacancies within seconds.


$11 Fee per business per month. Plus

** There is an one-time set-up fee of $200, $350, & $500 respectively **