Time Keeping Management is Key to Reducing Costs

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Better employee time keeping methods are how modern companies control labor costs every day. With our automated system, time keeping management expenses are minimal compared to the savings.

When you consider the cost of “buddy” punching, rounding, and the time it takes your payroll person to gather the data, automating your timekeeping saves you more than it will cost. It allows you to streamline payroll and labor reporting. Here are some of the benefits of better time keeping management through automation:

  • Cut and control labor costs
  • Reduce the time you spend on payroll
  • Minimize payroll errors
  • Increase employee accountability & productivity
  • Streamlines ACA Labor Reporting

The Benefits of Automated Employee Time Keeping Methods

Cut and Control Costs

When your timekeeping is accurate, your labor costs are as accurate as they can be. That’s sure to keep costs down.

Reduce Time Spent on Payroll

The system provides accurate accounting of each person’s time. This is invaluable for payroll purposes.

Minimize Payroll Errors

When the data is good, it’s hard to make mistakes. And if you do, it will be clear whether the mistake is in the company’s or the employee’s favor.

Increase Employee Accountability

When employees know there is no way to cheat the system, they will be punctual. For the few that can’t or won’t be on time or who insist on leaving early, there will be a financial penalty. This should be an incentive for employees to do better or move on.

Streamlines ACA Labor Reporting

The ACA and other federal regulations require an accounting of who is full time and who is part time. With good timekeeping, there will be no doubt.

Automated Time Keeping can save you money!

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