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How To Run A Business: Employee Scheduling

Opening a business will lead to many operations over time as your company grows. After hiring your very first worker you enter the world of human resources which includes vetting, training, paying, employee scheduling and more. Everything employee-related falls under human resources.

Employee Scheduling and An Efficient Operation

Managing employees takes a varied skill set including being a good listener, knowing your teams strengths and weaknesses, and having the ability to motivate. Employee scheduling can be a make it or break it area for your business. You want your team to feel valued even in the scheduling process, leading to an enjoyable work environment for all.

An efficient employee schedule is necessary to operate a successful business. Your employees’ productivity will suffer along with morale when there is not a proper schedule created for them. No matter the size of your business, employee scheduling should be a top priority.

Businesses have to keep up with employee regulations and be up-to-date on all of the federal and state labor laws and tax laws. The Office of the Governor’s website lays out information regarding employees including protections afforded them in the state of Texas.

Whether you choose to hire an experienced manager or choose to outsource with help from Slaton Financial Services, it is good to know basic employee scheduling techniques and strategies.

Proper Management of Employee Attendance

A business cannot have a good flow to operations without a well crafted employee schedule. If employees know their work hours, where they are supposed to be and the work they are assigned to do, it will lead to better productivity and employee satisfaction.

Employee attendance is a common problem within many businesses. Keeping a well-planned schedule allows the management to know exactly when and where an employee will be at any given day and time. This allows management to track issues and handle problems that may arise with tardiness, attendance or personal leave.

Planning for Shift Changes, Balance, and Overtime

If there are conflicts or errors in your employee scheduling, it can lead to a chaotic work environment. Imagine this for a business that is open 24 hours a day or one that has peak hours when the company is overrun with customers. This is why schedules must be well planned and error free. Management must know who their most experienced and efficient employees are when scheduling. It is also important to be transparent with your employees so that no one appears to be receiving preferential treatment regarding shifts.

Assigning new workers or inexperienced people together on a shift can be stressful to both the employees and to your customers. It is important to schedule supervisors, experienced employees and new employees across the shifts in order to make sure your business runs smoothly.

For many companies, overtime is a part of scheduling that has to be dealt with on a regular basis. With an efficient scheduling system, you will be able to assign overtime hours and keep track of it as well. Keeping track of it is key to determining the accuracy of the salary or hourly wage paid to your employees. Slaton Financial has many related services, including payroll processing.

Fair Policy for Employee Schedules

Just as scheduling should be transparent, it should also be fair. All employees should be treated the same regarding time off and leave. The system should be mapped out ahead of time whether it goes on a first come, first serve basis or seniority. When outsourcing scheduling, you can look at reports we provide to help assign time off accordingly.

Employees will be happier overall if their schedules are planned in advance by at least two weeks. This gives them time to plan social events, doctors appointments and other commitments without it conflicting with their work schedule. It is also helpful to post available hours in advance giving employees the opportunity to add hours or change their schedule.

Scheduling has to take into consideration peak times of business, seasonal changes and special events. Knowing this about the city where your business is located will give you the information needed to adapt the schedule according to business demands due to the possibility of more customers.

One big advantage of outsourcing employee scheduling to Slaton is having the confidence we are keeping track of all federal, state and local laws for employee work hours and the time off required between shifts. There are a number of professions that require a particular amount of time off before they can return to duty like nursing, drivers and pharmacists.

Whether employee scheduling is done by a single business owner, a competent manager or outsourced to a service like Slaton Financial, it is critical to building a successful business. Allowing workers to be a part of the process while making it transparent with the same allowances for all will lead to a positive work environment for you and your employees.

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