Trust Slaton for General Ledger Reconciliation in Dallas and North Texas

Outsourcing the General Ledger

When North Texas businesses outsource their general ledger to Slaton, they are getting an independent financial professional with advanced knowledge of the task. Many of our tools are familiar to the public, such as computerized spreadsheets and advanced software. Yet it is what we do with them that makes us a better value than keeping your ledger in house.

How does outsourcing the general ledger save you money on personnel?

The cost of keeping highly trained personnel for your general ledger may be greater than your budget can cover. Yet you need professionals to ensure your business keeps up with its debts, pays its bills, and has accurate reports with which to plan the future. That’s where Slaton Financial Services steps in. Outsourcing leaves your business free to focus on sales and growth.

How does outsourcing the general ledger reduce your company overhead?

Today’s accounting software is costly. Programs keep changing, demanding new fees for important upgrades. Complicated systems require staff training. These are big expenses especially when it’s only needed by one person a few hours a day. Instead outsourcing allows you to have access to this software through Slaton Financial Services. We invest in the best software as well as ongoing training for our knowledgeable employees.

How does outsourcing the general ledger improve independence?

Often forgotten when costs are calculated, there is really nothing better than independence when it comes to general ledger reconciliation. A system is only as good as the people who maintain it. In this case, Slaton Financial Services is going to give you the most independent oversight you can get. Unlike a company employee, we have no agenda but to maintain your ledger accurately. We have no reason to hide anything unpleasant or cover up any funds that have been mishandled. Whether the true picture is good, bad or somewhere in between, we will present our findings honestly.

How does outsourcing to Slaton Financial Services ensure better reporting?

Good reporting is another reason to outsource the general ledger to Slaton Financial Services. We will always be ready to report to you thanks to the software we use and the processes we have developed over 30 years in business. Regular reports ensure an accurate picture of the immediate financial situation. These are also vital for planning for the future.

Why choose Slaton Financial Services for your General Ledger?

By now, we hope you have realized that we have the tools and personnel needed to do the job well. We promise it will be done in a timely manner on an ongoing basis. As our client, you can count on our large team of financial professionals to make sure your general ledger reconciliation stays current. Reports will be ready on time. With over 30 years of experience as a company, we are the right place to outsource your general ledger in Dallas and North Texas.

  • accurate and timely
  • increase quality
  • ensure independence
  • reduce staff burden and/or reduce staffing needs