Put Your Human Resources Department on Firm Footing

Dallas Human Resources Support is Affordable and Scalable

Slaton Financial Services helps our clients save money while still following state and federal regulations governing the workforce.  Dallas human resource support is affordable and scalable with our regular and advanced plans.  

With our HR Support center, clients can:

  • Reduce their overhead.
  • Enjoy quality help for their human resources goals.
  • Get regular advice from our monthly newsletter.
  • Educate their workforce on important issues.
  • Satisfy regulatory agencies and investors.
  • Reduce the chances of HR-related lawsuits.

Maintain Your Employee Education and Outreach

Being in business these days, one can hardly afford to NOT have a Human Resources Department. Our HR support services are designed to cover many different types of businesses and many different subjects.  A client simply chooses the materials that match their business needs. Their designee can download checklists, handbooks, newsletters and guides that are ready for customization.

Even the most seasoned human resources professional will appreciate having all of this material ready for use at a moment’s notice. 

  • Unlimited documentation customization
  • Clear guidelines for management
  • Instructive guidelines for employees
  • Uniformity for personnel reviews and discipline
  • Plainly stated rules or regulations for your specific needs
  • Updated codes of conduct

Don’t Go it Alone

Our advanced plan provides access to a Human Resources professional.  You can get advice on what your company needs to satisfy existing requirements and how to head off personnel disputes.  Serving many different types of business, we’ve seen lots of different issues. Why should you go it alone? Get the help you need when you need it. 

Save Money and Time

If you don’t have money for HR staff, you can still have the help you need.  That’s why our plans are perfect for your use. You don’t have to hire someone with all of the knowledge. You’ve got access to the materials and advice you need to meet your HR obligations.

Dare to Audit 

With our three-minute online audit, you will quickly discover whether you need this type of HR help.  It’s simple and fast because we don’t want to waste your valuable time. We just want you to discover your baseline.  Are your HR policies up to date? What do you need to bring things in line with current requirements? Take the three-minute audit and find out now.

Slaton Financial Services extends this service to its regular clients and other business customers. We want you to have all of the tools you need to succeed.