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Importance of Human Resources to your Successful Business

The role of human resources has changed over the last 25 years becoming much more than an administrative department. It is a key component in creating your company culture or environment and keeping employees engaged and informed. The HR department is also responsible for making sure a business follows the changing guidelines for employees like the employee rights and guidelines outlined by the Texas Workforce Commission.

In larger companies, HR managers coordinate the administrative functions of a business. This includes interviewing and hiring of employees. On a day to day basis they serve as a liaison between employees and management. The role is very important and the responsibilities grow when the staff and business grow.

Many businesses choose to outsource some of the administrative functions of their HR department. At Slaton Financial, we offer helpful HR services. We can provide clear guidelines for your management team and instructive guidelines for your employees. Here are a few of the ways that human resources has changed in recent years.

Positive Environment

All employees should feel that they have a share in the success of your company. A positive workplace culture motivates employees to be productive and helps them enjoy coming to work each day.

Many studies have shown that a workplace will not thrive without enough HR support. Human resources plays an essential role in employee satisfaction and productivity. Yet small businesses often cannot afford to fund this department and must make do without even one full time HR professional.

Effective Onboarding

Starting a new employee off well during the onboarding process can help the HR department ensure that the employee will be engaged and productive. Designing what an employee does from their first day to orient to the company and what they read, like a company handbook, will go a long way toward acclimating them to your workplace culture. For company handbooks and other materials, Slaton offers customizable HR materials that you can update whenever you need them.

compensation and benefitsEmployee Support

The difference between a middling HR department and a great one can be seen in the amount of employee support it provides. When employees feel supported to set goals and succeed, everyone benefits. This can be achieved through meaningful conflict resolution, a wellness incentive program or team building activities that boost morale. An HR manager and the HR department should be a place where employees are welcomed and encouraged.

Financial Impact

An HR department can have a strong impact on the productivity and success of your business. They work to make sure an employee is a good fit for their position and is operating at a highly productive level. This also means that the department is responsible for keeping employees invested so there is not a high turnover rate resulting in wasted time onboarding more employees than would otherwise have been necessary. Human resources is also the department which recommends training programs and incentives for employees to gain skill and knowledge making them a more competent worker.

With Slaton Financial, Human Resource support is Affordable

If you allow us to handle some of the administrative responsibilities for HR like scheduling, communication and payroll, your team will be able to focus on the supportive aspects of human resources. Our HR services are affordable and scalable with a regular and an advanced plan. Call us today and let us help you with your human resource needs so you can focus on what matters to you, growing a successful business for both you and your employees.





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