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How To Run A Business: Human Resources

Whether you have a start-up or a successful business, you enter the realm of human resources once you hire your first employee. This is a rapidly evolving industry which many people think only includes hiring and firing when in fact it is much more.

In addition to hiring, human resources (HR) includes employee training, being well versed in employment laws, providing employee materials and manuals along with setting the tone for office environment and interoffice relationships.

There are many state and federal laws which have to be followed like your responsibilities under the federal employment discrimination laws as described by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

At Slaton Financial Services, our experts work with Dallas area businesses. Our efforts support their business, giving staff and owners more time to focus on the bottom line. Our clients are able to save money and time, while our Human Resources professionals make sure their business is following state and federal guidelines.

The duties of an HR department can vary depending on a company’s needs but the following are the main functions of the human resources department in most organizations.

employee schedulingHiring Employees

Human Resources includes recruiting, hiring and retaining employees as a primary function. The HR department must screen and interview candidates for positions. This may require administration of personality and skill assessment tests in order to make sure a person is the right fit for your company and the position. In addition, the HR department provides handbooks with detailed company policies and procedures. At Slaton, we are able to provide resources which can be customized for your company’s needs.


Staff training and development is also the responsibility of HR. This includes creating training programs to present to new and existing employees as well as determining training needs of employees as required by departments and supervisors. HR is also in charge of hiring training leaders and taking care of training budgets.


Human resources typically handles payroll for employees keeping track of their pay scale, deductions and pay date. Compensation programs like retirement accounts are also overseen by HR.


All employee benefits are managed by human resources including varied insurances, disability, assistance programs and wellness incentives. The department is tasked with tracking employee medical leave and employee absences. There are usually materials developed by HR to detail job schedules and benefits for hirees along with exit information in case of a layoff or firing.

Employee Relations

The importance of HR is also tied to promoting healthy work relationships between employees and management as well as overseeing employee participation in company requirements.The department issues guidelines outlining proper communication and fairness within the company and its departments. It is called upon to handle issues that arise between employees and management or between the company and employee organizations.

Regulations and Laws

Interpretation and enforcement of employment and labor laws like fair labor standards, equal employment opportunity and work hour requirements. It is HR’s responsibility to investigate complaints of discrimination or harrassment making sure the company is compliant with U.S. Department of Labor regulations.

At Slaton, we want to partner with Dallas community businesses helping them to be successful. Call us today and let us tell you all of the ways we can support your company’s human resources. With our inexpensive plans that give you true HR assistance, you can concentrate on growing a successful business for you and for your employees.





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