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Employee Scheduling Techniques For Your Business

As your business grows, one of the many things to keep up with is your employees. You must keep proper records, do payroll, schedule employees and more. You have to determine whether to use a time clock and/or automated scheduling. Learning employee scheduling techniques will help you make this task easier.

As a business grows, scheduling becomes more complicated as more people are hired. More employees translates to more schedule changes and time-off requests. With employee scheduling assistance at Slaton, many Dallas area employers have been able to find assistance with dealing with this frustrating issue.

Five Tips For Employee Scheduling

Scheduling is never as easy as it looks to someone who has never done it. Employees will complain about it, but until they are the manager in charge of balancing work schedules, they really have no idea.

Setting up a schedule for your employees can be like putting together a puzzle. You have many factors to consider. In the end, it must all work together to ultimately benefit your business. It helps if you spend some time considering what is needed for your business to work at its optimum level and spend time getting to know your employees and what works best for them as well.

Consider Your Business

When building an employee work schedule, it is important to keep in mind your business needs. This includes your overall budget, what employees are paid, and what times you need staff to be at work, and how many hours they will work. The biggest deciding factor will be what type of business you own. Restaurant shifts, for instance, will differ greatly from shifts at retail shops. Time keeping may be a big factor for ensuring your employee shifts begin and end when you want them to.

automated schedulingCreate A System For Communication

Since all of your employees are likely to have computers, phones or tablets, then email or texting should be an effective communication tool. A small business might use sticky notes or a bulletin board in a certain place to communicate with the next shift of workers. Whatever you choose, communication is key to an enjoyable, productive work environment. One helpful source for your business is the Texas Guidebook for Employers which has a section on employee scheduling.

Know Your Staff

Schedules that work well for your company should benefit your employees as well. You can simply plug names into needed shifts, but spending some time getting to know your employees and their preferences will help your business to be successful. When you take into account your staff’s skills and work preferences, you will build a schedule that benefits both your employees and your business.

Assess Your Employees Skill Level

An effective schedule for your company will require more than just knowing what slots need to be filled and when your staff can work. Your schedule should be made with an understanding of your staff’s skills in order to ensure you have the right team working each shift at your business.

This requires that you know what your employees are qualified to do and strive to strike the right balance for each shift. Slaton Financial Services, which handles payroll processing for many Dallas businesses, can help you schedule smarter and stay on budget more easily.

Choose Tools Wisely

There is so much to consider when scheduling your employees, if you want to do it well. Once you get the hang of it, one guarantee is you will have to make changes due to time off, sick days and new hires. A schedule is usually changed on a weekly basis.

At Slaton, we can offer you the top tool for employee scheduling that every Dallas area business needs. There is no need to create your own paper schedule or use a computer spreadsheet. We can provide an employee scheduling program which will benefit both you and your staff.

CONTACT US today so you can put your staff knowledge to use with our program to easily schedule your employees. Knowing you have the best schedule for you and your employees allows you to focus on what is most important – growing your business.

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