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Have You Considered Outsourcing Your HR Department?

Human Resources is an integral part of any business, large or small. It begins the minute you hire an employee. Just a few of the things that the department is responsible for are new hire onboarding and orientation, work environment, and employee compensation and benefits.

Covid 19 is causing a number of changes in workplaces throughout the Dallas area. It looks like over 85% of businesses are going to continue remote work even after the pandemic wanes. This puts more responsibility on a human resources department to oversee employee involvement and work environment to check employees well-being, ensuring that they remain connected to the company and are productive.

If your company is having HR issues tied to Covid 19 or other reasons, our team of professionals are on call to help. Our materials and on-call HR expert can make sure your employees are supported and that your company remains in compliance with the required human resource standards.

compensation and benefits5 Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources with Slaton

No business can afford not to have a human resources department up and running. Our HR support services are designed to cover many types of businesses with a host of different subjects. Slaton’s Financial Services offers inexpensive human resource support that can help you get the job done without paying a big salary to an HR expert.

  1. Reduce business overhead costs.
    Small businesses, especially, can have issues with having the money for a HR department. With our plans, you can rely on us to have the knowledge you need for all of your HR questions. We give you access to materials and resources that will help you properly manage your human resources responsibilities without a big expense.
  2. Receive checklists, handbooks and a monthly newsletter.
    We offer a number of checklists, handbook options and a monthly newsletter to fit the needs of your business. Your employee can customize these print items, download and reproduce them, having them ready to distribute for your company.
  3. Educate their employees on key issues.
    We have all the materials needed to educate your employees on key HR issues. Our materials include: Clear guidelines for management; Instructive guidelines for employees; Plainly stated rules or regulations for your specific needs; and Updated codes of conduct.
  4. Minimize the possibility of HR related issues.
    Our materials help you educate your employees regarding codes of conduct. After personalizing these handouts to your business, you have the resource you need to explain the rules regarding interactions between managers and subordinates as well as between one or more employees. Our service is an inexpensive, but effective shortcut you can use to minimize the possibility of any HR related issues including lawsuits.
  5. Access to expert help for your HR goals.
    With our advanced plan, we provide access to a human resources expert from whom you can get recommendations for your business to have effective HR plans in place as well as keeping personnel issues to a minimum. We are experienced with many types of businesses and disputes. Let us help you with the knowledge we have gained with years of HR experience.

With Slaton, Dallas are Human Resources support is Affordable

Simple, straightforward HR support is affordable and scalable with our regular and advanced plans. Call Slaton Financial Services today and let us help you with all of your Human Resource needs so you can focus on growing your successful business.

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