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Five Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll for your North Texas Business

No matter what business you choose to be in, one factor will remain the same: the payroll process. This begins when you hire your first employee. You must pay them based on the hours they worked according to their pay rate for each pay period. In addition you need to know what to withhold for state and federal taxes, insurance and unemployment.

Whether your Dallas area business is small, mid-sized or a corporation, you will have to attend to the payroll process. This is where Slaton Financial Services can save you time and money along with giving you peace of mind. We can ensure accuracy and oversight of every paycheck with North Texas payroll processing services provided by our certified payroll experts.

How Does Outsourcing Payroll Save Time?

Whether you have a few paid workers or several hundred employees, payroll demands take a lot of time and attention to detail. Someone must put in major amounts of data, double checking for mistakes, for pay period after pay period. The work must include being up to date on all federal and state payroll regulations.

If you look at bookkeeping certification courses, you’ll see that they require years of work in payroll processing before being eligible to apply for certification. Most managers and owners don’t have time for this training. There’s a lot to learn, like keeping track of benefit deductions, garnishments, new hires and terminations, time off as well as state and federal regulation changes.

Outsourcing the payroll process in Dallas TX immediately frees up time for the business owner and staff. It also leaves the work to the professionals whose job it is to keep track of all of the current state and federal regulations.

outsourcing payrollCan Outsourcing Your Company Payroll Save Money

The costs of processing payroll can be hefty especially for a small-to-medium-sized business in Dallas TX. Your employees can spend many work hours on calculating payroll, training and support, keeping up with changing in tax laws, preparing and remitting payroll taxes and returns, w-2’s, new hire reporting and much more.

When you figure out how many work hours your staff are giving to payroll activities, it is easy to see that outsourcing can be the way to go. If you, as a North Texas business owner, are trying to do it all yourself, the cost to your business is even bigger!

Outsourcing payroll means you don’t have to pay employees for all of the work not dedicated to growing your business. You also don’t have to be concerned about your payroll department being out or taking a leave of absence. Outsourcing payroll saves your business money.

How Can You Secure Your Payroll Process

Unfortunately the payroll process poses potential risks for any company. There is the risk of employees tampering with company files. There is the concern of how safe or secure your payroll data is on the company’s server. Also, how well is the North Texas business payroll supervised to make sure there are no unethical activities?

Outsourcing the payroll process can give you security and peace of mind. Slaton has technologies that can highlight varied types of issues including payroll fraud. Our payroll solutions provide a confidential place for your complete payroll data including effective backup and multiple servers. You will be able to rest knowing the payroll process and your data is completely secure. We can even help you with payroll and timekeeping.

Outsourcing Payroll provides your own Team of Experts

Do you have time to research and study the ever changing regulations, government forms and withholding rates? There are many sources to go to like the Texas Workforce Commision, but how do you decide what source to trust and how to keep up with all the state and federal regulations?

By outsourcing payroll, you can take advantage of a team of experts whose job it is to keep up with all of the regulations as well as handle multiple areas of payroll and human resources. Despite many challenges, your payroll must be accurate. Let us keep up with all of the North Texas payroll processing variables.

An Expert Payroll Process Avoids IRS Penalties and Errors

Penalties for errors with payroll tax filings can be expensive. According to the Internal Revenue Services, 40 percent of small businesses pay penalties averaging around $900 per year for incorrect or late filings and payments. These errors can lead to audits and further penalties, nothing any business wants to have to handle.

Professional payroll providers must stay on top of the rules, regulations and requirements of the IRS. They are much less likely to make costly errors than an in house payroll staff. By outsourcing payroll, you have a team of experts dedicated to keeping your payroll accounts accurate and error free.

Contact Slaton Financial Services for Payroll Processing

Due to the numerous benefits, many businesses outsource their payroll processing. At Slaton, our team handles payroll processing in addition to tax services, human resources, and scheduling help for businesses in Dallas, TX.

Our company has been in business almost 40 years, and our expert staff has over 100 years of combined experience in accounting and bookkeeping. Our efforts will ensure each employee’s paycheck is done correctly every time.

If you need a payroll company that you can trust, please contact us. Our affordable financial services will save you time and money while giving you peace of mind to focus on other important aspects of your business. Call Slaton Financial at 214-343-0642 or contact us online for more information.

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