Improve Your Payroll Expenses with Modern Employee Time Keeping Method

Timekeeping could be called a natural offshoot of the Industrial Revolution. When factories were formed, employee time keeping methods became important. Businesses needed to know when workers arrived and when they left. Timekeeping tools have changed, but the need remains the same.

At Slaton Financial Services, we see timekeeping as vital to the businesses we serve. That’s why we offer automated timekeeping that can simplify your record-keeping and reduce associated costs. You may want to watch this automated time keeping video.

History of Employee Timekeeping Methods

The first employee time clock was invented in 1888. Employers quickly saw that official timekeeping was a good way for monitoring attendance. It couldn’t tell you if the person was efficient, but it could tell you when they arrived and when they left. If you think about, there was a logic to using a machine to monitor the people who worked the business machinery.

Buddy punching probably came along with the first timeclock. Friends started helping out friends by punching them in when they were tardy or out when they left early. It’s just natural that people would have each other’s backs. Unfortunately, there are always a few who take advantage of the system over and over. Those cheaters cost employers money.

timekeeping methodsAutomation is the Future of Employee Timekeeping Methods

Computers, smartphones and other smart devices have made it possible for timekeeping to become more refined. If you think about it, this is a natural step for businesses that rely on computer technology in so many areas. Why not put technology to work for timekeeping?

Electronic timekeeping reduces the chances that a buddy can make it look like an employee is present. It allows for precise exit times, allowing employees to be paid only for the time they were at work. If they shave off 15 minutes, the system will report it as such.

Our system provides the technology and organization you need to keep tabs on your employees without stressing them out or stressing out management. There’s no way to cheat, and there’s nothing management has to do to keep up with attendance.

Automation works for you. It produces meaningful reports that can be used for payroll and organization. And, while employees may want to argue, it’s hard to debate attendance when the system shows clearly who was and wasn’t on time. This also comes in handy when dealing with labor laws.

If you want to improve timekeeping at your business, talk to Slaton Financial Services. Call us for more information about timekeeping, scheduling and payroll services. Take our timekeeping survey.

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