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How does the service work?:
We don't rope you into a long-term contract, or any contract. We want to earn your business every pay period. Choose to do business with us, we aim to please.
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No long-term contracts:
Lease the clock(s) from us:
What if the clock breaks?:
Because the clock belongs to us, you will not have to replace the clock if it malfunctions. At no charge, we send you a replacement.
Doing this allows you to use the clock as long as you do business with us. You will not be left with an expensive clock that doesn't work with other software.
The prices per month depends on several factors. 1) Which clock(s), 2) if you have basic or premium, 3) How many clocks, 4) total number of employees using the clocks.

Fill out our Time Keeping Survey and see how much automated time keeping can save you. It will save you money!
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